Into Russia–At last

Marguerite Harrison secured permission from the Polish commander in Vilna to cross the border into Russia. She returned to Minsk with the safe conduct pass and discovered that the resourceful Dr. Karlin had found smugglers willing to take them to Barysaw where they could slip into Russia.

Farman reports “B’s” entry into Russia.

On Feb. 7, 1920, Lt. Col. E. E. Farman, the military attaché in Warsaw, sent a coded message to Marlborough Churchill. “From the information we received today we are informed that ‘B’ crossed the Polish frontier for Russia on February 6, 1920.”

Marguerite actually crossed the border a few days later. Slipping through the barbed wire and into the no man’s land, the women met a Russian peasant who took them to a school in the nearest village. There Marguerite waited for the Russian Army guards, hoping they would not shoot her on the spot.

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