Marguerite Harrison returns to domestic life

Marguerite Harrison returned to the United States in the fall of 1925 and quietly married Arthur Blake in New Orleans in early 1926. The couple spent six months in Morocco for their honeymoon, although Marguerite didn’t completely give up her spy work. While in Morocco she passed along her observations on the Wahhabi Muslim movements to the U.S. consul in Casablanca.

But, for the most part, her spying days were over. Marguerite was often adventurous and unconventional, but she held old-fashioned views about marriage. She still traveled, but now as a tourist with Blake. Once again her name appeared in the society columns of newspapers in New York and Baltimore documenting her comings and goings.

Marguerite’s past was still mostly secret, despite the public campaign Stan Harding had waged to out her as a double agent and her demand for restitution. Thomas Johnson, a former correspondent with the New York Sun, tracked Marguerite down for a book he was writing about U.S. Army Intelligence during World War I. Johnson knew of her work in Berlin and her role in capturing Robert Minor, and he wanted to know more details. In his 1929 book he referred to Marguerite as Agent Q, rather than her MID code name, “B,” but she undoubtedly is the woman he described meeting: “It seems so far away now,” she told him, with an innocent smile. “Then letting fall her sewing and looking about the cozy living-room, ‘And see how domestic I am! I’m sure you won’t tell my name, will you?”

Harrison and Blake honeymooned in Casablanca.

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