The game ends: Marguerite Harrison is arrested

Marguerite knew that it was only a matter of time before Mogilevsky would grow dissatisfied with her reports and order her arrest. The time came on on October 20. She had returned to the guesthouse after working late at the Foreign Office and was getting ready for bed around two o’clock in the morning when she heard a car approach. She was accustomed to hearing automobiles race down the streets at night, a sure sign of an impending raid. When she heard the automobile pull up outside, she almost felt relief that the game she was playing with Mogilevsky was over.

Soldiers knocked at her door and she called for them to enter.

A soldier handed her two slips of paper—one the order for her arrest and the other a search warrant. The soldiers thoroughly searched the room and collected all papers, down to the tiniest scraps. The cache included newspaper clippings, articles, Russian grammar lessons, and even a ticket to the Bolshoi Theatre.

Meanwhile, a woman accompanying the soldiers searched her pockets, stockings, girdle, hair, and coat. When they were finished, Marguerite asked if she could take some things with her, and they allowed her to pack toiletries, a change of underwear, cigarettes, chocolate, her bedding role, and her fur-lined coat. She signed a paper affirming the search was properly conducted. Then she calmly got into the car that was waiting to take her to Lubyanka.

Interior of Lubyanka Prison.

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